You can…

…help us serve the Lord in Cambodia.


Please PRAY fervently to the Lord of the harvest for more workers; for fruit-bearing works; and for abundant resources to lead both the lost and the saved to greater faith. Please specifically pray that:

  • local communities in Cambodia, city, suburban or rural, will be transformed by Christ;
  • these communities will rise up according to the strengths, resources and blessings provided to these locals by the Lord to address their own community issues, be it evangelism, poverty, malnutrition, or whatever they determine;
  • these local communities will be committed to leading and funding these efforts;
  • local congregations within these communities will be led by brethren within them, not outsiders;
  • these local churches will fund their own ministries within their area of influence, doing many good works in the Name of Christ;
  • the local churches will be filled with equipped members, committed to obedience and making new disciples;
  • all outsiders will be convicted to serve as catalysts, coaches and encouragers, not leaders and financial providers.

God’s Spirit and Word have firmly convicted us that HE IS ABLE. Through His Spirit His Kingdom will reign.

If you have any questions about our work or how you can help, email us at welchmissioncambodia @ or contact the Central Church of Christ, 4338 N. Sutter Street, Stockton, CA 95204 who oversee our work.

Thank you for your prayerful support of building faith in Cambodia to the glory of God.


9 Responses to You can…

  1. Hi,

    My name is Jennifer Hayward. Myy husband and I have a huge heart for missions. God has placed a strong calling on our lives and we believe that we will one day be serving long term overseas. Right now we are in the United States doing ministry here. Last year we spent six months in Africa finishing up our College internship in which we were preparing for missions. Since being back, we have been praying that God would show us the right timing and the place he wants us to go. Recently God has placed the country of Cambodia on our hearts. My husband works for Delta airlines part-time right now, so we have been blessed with travel benefits. We are planning on making an exploratory trip to Cambodia for a week or so around Christmas time. We would love to connect with different missions and ministries that are already going on there. If there is anyway that it would be possible to connect with Mission Cambodia, please contact us. Our email is

    Thank you,

    The Haywards

  2. Hello0 My name is Amanda Fitzpatrick and I am the Youth Coordinator at Divine Deliverance Christian Church in Red Oak, GA. We are very interested in “adopting” a child from Cambodia to provide as a department, monetary gifts, letters of encouragement, care packets at holidays and share pictures with children from Cambodia. I’ve been searching the web and you guys look like the perfect fit!!! I am excited to see if there is someone I can speak to that can tell me about the process. My email address is

    Please I just know this would be great!
    Amanda Fitzpatrick~

  3. Michael Anthony Lopez says:

    Hello, How are you? My name is Michael Lopez. I have been to Cambodia twice this year. And am presently helping to teach English and Communications at CIEDC University in Phnom Penhwith my dear friend Marinie Raltei who teaches there. And am involved in many other Evangelistic efforts. I have been partnering with a church from India (of the Mizo people) and also NEI Asia(based in Chiang Mai, Thailand) doing whatever the Lord calls me to do. I have been to school for construction management and am looking for more opportunities to teach construction trades in vocational settings and orphanages. The Lord has already opened doors for me to do so and I am pursuing those Kingdom efforts presently. I have been sharing the Gospel with every oppo,rtunity to do so to those willing to listen. Drawing the Seeker out of many. I love these ( and all) people, and feel called to to the Cambodian people specifically. I am here in Phnom Penh again and I would like to know if you could put another harvester to work (or use in any way). I am hungry to advance Gods Kingdom.I am hoping and praying that I could partner with your ministry here. If not then I would still like to drop by your ministry and meet you if possible. I often go to your website for encouragement and direction and am very drawn to what you are doing here. Please contact me at at your earliest possible convenience. Thank you for taking the time to read this and may God bless you abundantly!

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  8. thea says:

    my name is Thea and my husband name Leo we will be travel to Cambodia next year in june and God has lay in our heart to see how other serve God there, we live in Australia but both of us are from Cambodia and interested in Snack Program and wonder if you can direct us in to the right place.

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