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Dennis, Sharon & grandchildren

Dennis & Sharon Welch come from a small community near Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, USA where they were living the American Dream.

They had it all!

They had great careers—Dennis, as an Air Traffic Controller at DFW airport for 29 years and Sharon, as a successful Real Estate Agent in an affluent area.  They were so well-off that they even owned and raced two race cars.  Among their possessions were five other automobiles including a motor home and a sports car.  They had a big house with a huge workshop to store all their toys.  The house was located on a private airport in what Forbes magazine calls one of “America’s most affluent neighborhoods.”  On top of all those physical “THINGS,” they have a sweet family that includes one son, Michael and two beautiful grandchildren (pictured), Ethan and Autumn.

They had it all!

They seemed to be living the American Dream.

Everything for which the world is living and working was theirs to enjoy.  Then, the Lord got a hold on their hearts and in 2002 they became Christians.  Their story is nothing special.  There was no traumatic event that brought them to their knees before the Lord.  They were just like some of us.  This VIDEO by Dennis’ co-worker, Sandy Detherage tells part of the story.  They came to a knowledge of the truth and decided they had no choice but to trust and obey.  When they read God’s Word, they saw the road before them—serve the Lord and His church.  So they got plugged-in with their church right away.  Soon, Dennis was teaching the high school Bible class and Sharon was teaching the first-graders’ class.  But something was missing.  They were serving below their gifts and abilities—below their calling.  They discovered God had designed them to be missionaries.

But…give-up the American Dream?

Now, their lives included a loving church family too.  To move to some distant land meant giving up everything for the “GOSPEL.”  Yet, they gave it all up for Christ.  The Welchs left DFW in July 2006 to spend two years training at Sunset International Bible Institute.  They sold or gave-away everything—all those earthly possessions.  Having completed their training at Sunset in May 2008, they have moved to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to share the “Good News” about Jesus Christ with the Cambodian people. They both serve the Lord in Cambodia as volunteers, spending their retirement income and retirement years helping others.  Ask them and they will tell you they are the happiest they have ever been in their lives.  While the world says you must have all the THINGS to be happy and successful, Dennis & Sharon have found something more important—SIGNIFICANCE.  They are making a difference in the lives of Cambodians and for all of us in the church.  They are serving us as they serve the Lord.  Ordinary members of the body of Christ serving by their gifts.  Your prayers towards their efforts are welcome!



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