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a special note of thanks to all of you who are blessing these children…

Helping Kids

Greetings—grace and peace in the Lord!  As we close out another year in service to the Lord in Cambodia we thank God and thank you for what you have been doing in Cambodia.  The GRACE for Cambodia SNACK Program, originally started in 2005 by Bill McDonough of Partners in Progress as the Partners in Progress Nutritional Feeding Program continues to fulfill the mission of ministering to poor, malnourished children in rural Cambodian villages.

Children praying

During 2013 you served our Lord by:

  • Hiring a new full complement of Christian servants to serve and educate the children in health, hygiene, nutrition and Bible.  Most of these Cambodians servants have been trained at the Bible school and have evangelized in the SNACK villages.

all Christian SNACK staff

  • Hiring Piseth as an operations manager.  He formerly served on the Partners in Progress Ship of Life, but desired to live and serve the Lord from Phnom Penh to be with his wife and son.

2-Operations Manager-Piseth & Family

  • Replacing the tired, worn-out old trucks with newer, more dependable and more fuel-efficient models.  The trucks have all been repainted a special color for the children to know that you are bringing them blessings for their bodies and souls.


  • Reworking the truck routes to save fuel.  Also, the program parks one of the trucks in the countryside during the week to save even more fuel.

Fueling-up the SNACK trucks

  • Providing specialized training to the SNACK staff in health, hygiene, nutrition and evangelism.

SNACK staff receive special training

  • Sharing the Good News about Jesus more frequently, in different ways and at different times, including some staffers going out to the villages on their day off to teach and preach.


  • Doing good deeds of service from hearts of love to help the villagers with their rice harvest and with providing wound care when able.

Good Deeds-Rice Harvest7-Helping with Medical Needs

  • Training new volunteer helpers from among the SNACK children that reflect their growth in hearts to serve one another.

Training new volunteers

  • Providing nutritious SNACKS of bread, vitamin enriched peanut butter and specially fortified soy milk to over 2200 different children in 12 villages about 4 times per week at a cost of about 50 cents per serving, which is reported to be the least expensive of any program of this nature.  It works out to about $7.50 per month to improve the health and education of one malnourished child.  How many children could you help?

10-Healthy SNACKS for Nutrition

  • Improving the health of these precious young lives at the ages it matters most.  We continue to see the quality of health exceed that of neighboring villages that we would like to help also.

Improved health

  • Hosting, for the first time ever, Abilene Christian University interns, Mallory Wilkins and Shanleigh Clinton to serve Sharon and the children in the SNACK Program.

Shanleigh and Mallory Sharing SNACKS

  • Starting a new congregation from among the SNACK staff and some of their friends and neighbors in an area of Phnom Penh where no church existed.

11-New Church

This is what you have accomplished over the last year through your partnership with the GRACE for Cambodia SNACK Program.  We, all of the children, their families and our staff all thank you and thank our Lord Jesus for your ministry to Cambodia.  We are excited to see how you will bless these children even more in 2014.

Thank YOU for Helping many Children

Love and blessings,
Sharon and Dennis Welch
GRACE for Cambodia, SNACK Program

Learning to Wash HandsTHANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!


About Mission Cambodia

Dennis and Sharon minister in Phnom Penh to share the “Good News” of Jesus to the Cambodian people. Dennis trains in sowing, watering, disciple-making, church-planting, discipleship and leadership. Sharon directs the SNACK Program, an holistic outreach to poor, malnourished children and their families in the Cambodian countryside.
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2 Responses to SNACK PROGRAM – 2013 YEAR IN REVIEW

  1. I always love to do this, I missed it already.

  2. Alan Phillips says:

    What a great report! Keep up the amazing work you’re doing! Praying for you and those you serve!

    Alan Phillips

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