CBI Update August 2013

The following summary report has been edited and adapted from an update produced by Rich Dolan, Dean of the Cambodia Bible Institute, Phnom Penh.

Students and staff of the Cambodia Bible Institute, August 2013

Students and staff of the Cambodia Bible Institute, August 2013

CBI Update

August 16, 2013


  • Student Body – We had 11 students. Added 5 more this week and supposedly have 3-5 more coming soon. The new school year is always exciting.
  • Noeun Graduated in late June – he is the married man who studied for a year, then stopped to be with his family and came back 2 years later. He is currently working with the SNACK program (feeding and teaching poor kids in the villages) and has just planted a congregation in north Phnom Penh
  • Linna, Phally, Sreymom & Kakada graduate in mid-Sept


  • Apr. 18-May 17 Romans – Rich Dolan
  • Apr. 18-May 17 Wisdom Literature – Dale Lundy
  • May 20-31 Humanity of Jesus – Rich Dolan
  • May 20-31 O.T. History 2 (1st ½) – Veasna Tol (his 1st full class to teach)
  • June 3-14 Evangelism Class (2 weeks, all day) – Tim Brumfield
  • June 17-22 School Break – 1 week
  • June 24-July 5 O.T. History 2 (2nd ½) – Veasna Tol (1st full class to teach)
  • June 24-July 26 ACTS – Dennis Welch
  • July 8-July 26 Sermon Prep Class – Rich Dolan and Tol Veasna
  • July 29-Aug 2 Evangelism Week
  • *Had to take off July 29th. The 28th (Sunday) were the national elections and most people had to travel back to their hometown to vote.
New students who began studying at CBI in August 2013

New students who began studying at CBI in August 2013

New Students

Of the 5 new students we added between March and May, only Sothary is still in school. Two boys studied one week and didn’t come back. Leave stopped to study at the University. SreyPov dropped out. As the new term starts, we added 5 more students, with 3-5 more to come.

(Ronda Dolan has done a great job posting photos & notes about CBI & new students on the Dolan’s blog – dw)

Graduates News

Of the 28 CBI graduates, 15 are working with churches (10 church plants), 8 are working with other ministries (SNACK program, orphanages, Sophy’s school, etc…) and 2 are working with ministry training schools (CBI and Sokhom Hun’s school)

Evangelism Week

July 29-Aug 2nd One big group each day. Monday, we took off due to the national elections. Tuesday – a village close to TNT (not much success this time). Wednesday – one of two villages Sokhorn (Dec 2012 Grad) works with. Thursday to Takeo, a church plant KimSrauv (Dec 2012 Grad) works with. Friday about 2 ½ hours by van to a church plant Borei (July 2012 Grad) works with.

Prayer Requests/Concerns

  • All the graduates and their various works.
  • New students, they are like a deer in the headlights as they start to study.
  • License for 15 passenger vans. Still no word on our appeal.

Graduate Enrichment

We are planning to have a weekend (Thurs-Sat) seminar or retreat for our graduates. This will be a time to re-charge and build each other up.

Upcoming Classes

  • August 12-16 – Jesus the Man (Part 2) – Tol Veasna
  • August 12-23 – Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther – Dennis Welch
  • August 19-Sept 11 – Major Biblical Doctrines – Rich Dolan
  • August 19- Sept 13 – Bible Basics (new students) – Tol Veasna
  • August 26-Sept 13 – Ephesians – Dennis Welch
  • Sept 12-Sept 27 – Daniel – Rich Dolan
  • Sept 16-Sept 27 – Colossians – Dennis Welch
  • Oct 3-5 – Pchum Ben Holidays
  • Oct 7-Nov 1 – Evidences from Science and History
  • Oct 7 – Nov 1 – Biblical Intepretation
  • Nov 4-Nov 15 – 1st & 2nd Timothy and Titus – All Day

Please join our prayer that the students, graduates and staff of the Cambodia Bible Institute will faithfully fulfill their ministry to the church and to the lost.

Grace and peace – Dennis & Sharon


About Mission Cambodia

Dennis and Sharon minister in Phnom Penh to share the “Good News” of Jesus to the Cambodian people. Dennis trains in sowing, watering, disciple-making, church-planting, discipleship and leadership. Sharon directs the SNACK Program, an holistic outreach to poor, malnourished children and their families in the Cambodian countryside.
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