May 2013 Newsletter

For The Glory of GOD!

Greetings from Phnom Penh, Cambodia!                              Volume 8, Number 5, May, 2013

Dearest family & friends,

Love to Tell the Story“We love to tell the story of Jesus and His love.”  And we had many opportunities to do that in May.  It was so sweet to join with many of you during our blessed trip back to the USA for reporting on how the Lord is using His servants in Cambodia.  While among you, you showered us with love and blessing.  You encouraged us to remain steadfast in our works.  You reconfirmed your support of our ministries.  You prayed for and with us.  Blessing upon blessing!

While we were away from Cambodia, the work continued onward.  Below are some of the highlights of our reporting trip and the happenings in Cambodia during May.  This newsletter includes:

  • Cambodia NewsGreat SNACK
  • Pepperdine Bible Lectures
  • Stockton, CA
  • Oak Harbor, WA
  • Mt. Ida, AR
  • Family & Friends

Tim Brumfield & Dale Lundy @ Virak's GraduationWhile we were on our reporting trip in the States, the Cambodia Bible Institute was blessed to have Dale Lundy and Tim Brumfield come from the USA to teach again.  These brothers volunteered their lives to help the school and the church grow in faith, leadership and evangelism.  Dale taught the students Wisdom Literature and Tim taught an Evangelism course.  While they were in Cambodia one of our students completSNACK Blessing Many Childrened the last of his courses and so they had a graduation ceremony for him.  Following this, Rich and Ronda Dolan departed for Tulsa for their daughter’s wedding.

SNACK Operations Manager-PisethThe SNACK Program was running smoothly while we were away thanks to the grace of God, working through His servant and our Operations Manager, Piseth.  Before leaving we put in service the first of the replacement trucks so May began with a full complement of staff and trucks.  One of the remaining trucks needing to be replaced had some breakdowns, but the SNACK program was sti1st replacement truckll able to bless 1400 children 3 times each week with valuable lessons on health, hygiene, nutrition and Bible in addition to nutritional food supplements.

The 70th Annual Pepperdine Bible Lectures adopted the title, “Can I Get a Witness?”  It was their first-ever lectureship study of the Revelatio70th Annual Pepperdine Bible Lecturesn of Jesus to John and it was rich.  We heard many powerful Pepperdine Bible Lectureslessons that encouraged us strongly.  We believe it was the finest of this style of study dynamic that we have ever experienced.  If you were there you know what we mean and if you missed it…well, you really missed out.  We also attended many class sessions on different missions around Invitation by SIBI-Guest Speakers-Frontthe world, trying our best to encourage others.  This resulted in us meeting many new brethren.  It is not a stretch to say that the singing at the lectureship was wonderful and powerful.  God was praised mightily!  Another highlight for us was receiving an invitation by Sunset International Bible Institute to speak about our work at their reception event.  SIBI has been a Invitation by SIBI-Guest Speakers-Insidestrong advocate for the church planting model of combining the ministry activities of the Bible school and the nutrition program in Cambodia.  Thank you SIBI!  Please join our prayer that our efforts to share the story will encourage others to act on faith in ways that only God can bring the victory.

Paul-Bobbie; Central Church of Christ BrethrenFrom Malibu, CA we flew to Stockton, CA (actually, Sacramento) to join with our beloved brethren of the Central Church of Christ.  We stayed in the lovely and comfortable home of Paul & Bobbie Covey again.  They treat us far better than we deserve.  Thank you Coveys!  Along with some R&R time, we shared about our work at both the Central church and the Ham Lane Church of Christ in Dennis Sharing the Word of God at Central coCLodi.  Both congregations have continued to generously support the nutrition program and serve us by their encouragements and love.  Thank you Central and Ham Lane!  Please pray that the Lord continues to use these brethren to glorify His name through their commitment to the mission of sharing the love of Jesus and His gospel.

The next stop on our reporting trip was Oak Harbor, WA.  We had Marchand Familyknown and loved the Marchand family from their time at Keller so staying with them was a sweet reunion.  Again, the church gave us the opportunity to present the ministries in Cambodia and blessed us with their warmth, love and generosity.  One sweet Oak Harbor coCsister gave us a very generous donation to purchase a SNACK truck.  Thank you sister, Oak Harbor Church of Christ and Marchand family!  Please pray that all of us will glorify God by our eagerness to share the love of Jesus like our brethren in Oak Harbor.

Dear Friends Bob & Sandy JacksonAfter flying to Texas and spending a few days in the always open and comfortable home of the Laniers in Keller, we drove to Lubbock, staying with our dear friends and frequent short-term missionaries to Cambodia, Bob & Sandy Jackson.  The timing of our visit allowed us to attend SIBI graduation and associated activities, reuniting with many from the staff and from the Sunset SIBI Graduation with Gerald & Bobbie PadenChurch of Christ.  We were quick regular customers of a local coffee/yogurt shop as our place of choice to love-on many old friends.  Y’all encouraged us so much to continue the work the Lord has put before us.  Thanks for your endless love and prayers.  Please join our prayer that Sunset will receive everything needed to continue to bear good fruit for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Charlee in 2013 with TrixieFrom Lubbock we journeyed across Oklahoma about an hour ahead of the tornado that ravished Moore.  We arrived at Mt. Ida, AR, home of Sharon’s sister, Charlene and husband David to beautiful weather.  However, overnight the weather system traveled from Oklahoma to Arkansas, blowing a dead limb down from high in a tree, crashing down on our borrowed car, doing significant damage.  All of us felt so sad about it.  Beyond that issue, our stay in the backwoods of AR was a time of rest and fun with family.  Sweet memories!  Please pray for us that we will take special time like this to rest and recharge our physical batteries.

Dear friends Sandy & Cindy DetherageOn Saturday, we traveled back to the DFW area to Melissa, staying with our long-time dear friends, Sandy and Cindy Detherage.  We worshiped with them and the High Pointe Church of Christ on Sunday morning before making our report to Keller church on Sunday evening.  There are so many new brethren at Report to Keller coCKeller so we really enjoyed getting to meet a few of them at the “meet and greet” gathering after the presentation.  Christ is our foundation, but Keller is from where we began our walk with the Lord.  We will forever be indebted to those who have raised us up and now continue to hold us up before the Lord.  God has blessed us so much through them.  Thank you beloved church family!  Please lift up Keller in praise to our Father and pray that High Pointe will join our support team for the Lord’s work in Cambodia.

Dear friends Cary & Brenda MillerAnother stop for us on our reporting trip was the home of the Millers and the Highland Lakes Church of Christ in Kingsland, TX.  These delightful brethren have been helping us from the beginning and bless us to feel at home when among them.  Like most of the other churches, these brethren afforded Dennis the time to make a report on the work and then preach the Sunday morning worship assembly sermon.  They followed this with a potluck before sending us on our way.  Thanks for your encouraging support and prayers.  We love you very much!  Please join our prayer that the local mission focus of this congregation will bear much fruit for the Kingdom.

The Welch ClanOur final stop was Crowley, TX where Dennis’ brother, Doug has always provided a place of rest for us.  We sure do love hanging out with him and his kids.  From there, we had the opportunity to see our son, Michael along with Jamie, Tony and Gage; our grandson, Ethan along with his mom; and our granddaughter, Autumn and her mom.  We also had several meetings with current and potential supporters of our ministries in Cambodia.  That brought us into June and concluded our stateside reporting trip for 2013.  We solicit your prayers for the struggle in our hearts for being so far from our family and friends in the US, many who don’t yet love their true Father and His Son.

Special FriendThis trip reminded us how much you care about others.  Through us and other servants of the Lord you are helping many people in a multitude of ways to find grace, truth and love.  We also observed how much God has blessed America and then Americans’ response to those blessings.  During our five-week stay among you, we shared many wonderful meals and special Special Friendsmoments together.  We wanted to spend time with more of you.  Finally, we were torn to leave your presence because of our love for you.  No matter how long we are apart, we have the great hope of a resurrection reunion.  Please continue to pray and support our efforts give others that same blessed hope for the glory of God.

Eternal love & blessings,

Dennis & Sharon

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

About Mission Cambodia

Dennis and Sharon minister in Phnom Penh to share the “Good News” of Jesus to the Cambodian people. Dennis trains in sowing, watering, disciple-making, church-planting, discipleship and leadership. Sharon directs the SNACK Program, an holistic outreach to poor, malnourished children and their families in the Cambodian countryside.
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  1. “…many who do not yet love the Father…” We share your hope for the future of our friends and our world. Great being with you at the AMF.


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