Cambodia Bible Institute Update, September 2012

Cambodia Bible Institute Update

September 21, 2012

Prepared by Rich Dolan, Dean CBI

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  • Student Body – We currently to 20 full time students.
  • Four will graduate in December – Chhaeut, Sokhorn, KimSrauv & Chhouern
  • We have now had 19 students graduate CBI – Sothea, Khim, Saleem, Veasna, Sophea, Chanty, Chheauv, Try, Sovann, Soklee, Pisey, Sereyvuth, Sokun, Penh, Sopheap, Sokna, Vannet, Borei and Kolab. 9 are working with churches (mostly churches planted by the work here), 2 are traveling evangelists, 2 are working with bible schools, 2 are helping at orphanages, 2 are wives of preachers and 1 is working in a ministry related area. (Some have double roles).

New Students: We added two more students this month, Vanna Sum & Vanna Hoern. Both are doing fairly well in their studies. They are both already Christians.


  • August 6-10 – Evangelism Week
  • August 13-31 – History of the Church in ACTS & 1st & 2nd Peter
  • September 3-28 – Hebrews & Ezekiel
  • October 1- 12 – New Testament Greek & start Luke

Evangelism Weeks: – Next Evangelism Week – November 19-23

Teaching Graduates: You may remember that we are working with Sunset to give our graduates a Bachelor’s Degree. Our curriculum exceeds the required number of hours by quite a bit (120 to 140+ in most cases). But Sunset is requiring that we teach Christian Family and N.T. Greek in order to award a bachelor’s. So, Sept 6-8, met with 14 of our graduates and started teaching these classes. The plan was to meet one weekend a month until we finished. Because they desired to speed up the process, we will study again Sept. 27-29th. I appreciate Dennis teaching the current students all day on Friday so that I can teach the graduates.

Upcoming Classes:

  • October 14-18 – Pchum Ben Holidays
  • October 22-26 – World Religions – Mark Hooper & Phil Jackson
  • October 22-November 16 – 1st Corinthians – John Breeden
  • October 29- November 16 – finish LUKE – Dennis Welch
  • November 19-23 – Evangelism Week
  • November 27-29 – Water Festival Holidays
  • December 3-21 – Jeremiah & Lamentations – Greg Fleming

News: Translation Book Update – We received the Life of Christ books & study guides (translated into Khmer) right before I left for the USA in May. When I returned home, termites had eaten into 20-30 of the books. We bought new glass cabinets for the school and things are better. These books will be a huge blessing to the school and church.

Graduates News:

  • Borei (June 2012 grad) moved to his village to start a church. He currently is the only Christian, but reported 18 adults, 20 teens and many kids at the worship last Sunday. We have been sending out two students on the weekend to help him.
  • Sokun (Oct 2011 grad) and Soklee (Dec 2010 grad) continue the new work in Battambang. They reported 14 baptisms last month. (This is amazing! Many of these contacts come out of denominational groups.)
  • Sopheap (Oct 2011 grad) was working as a traveling evangelist. He has now moved back to his hometown, started pig farming and will assist Sokun & Soklee with the church in their village, hoping to start a church in his village soon.
  • Phen (Oct 2011 grad) recently joined Khim (Jan 2009 grad) as traveling evangelists. They do follow up from some of the camps here and also follow up at new churches planted.

Prayer Requests/Concerns:

  • 28 people baptized during the recent camp at TNT (14) and at the church planted in Battambang (14). That they will grow in the faith.
  • Borei, as he seeks to plant a church in his home village.
  • The wife of Noeun, a current student, just had a baby last week. Noeun studies at CBI while his wife lives in their hometown, about 5 hours away.
  • Insurance – some of you remember we had an issue where a student in re-parking the school van, thought he was in reverse, but was in second. He cratered the van and cracked the wall. After a hassle, insurance has paid for the van repair, but have refused the claim to rebuild the wall and gate. Waiting for arbitration now.
  • Cambodia has apparently passed a law that only Khmers can have a license to drive 15 passenger vans. Since the school van, our van and the BEST Center van (Julie’s school) are all 15 passengers, this will affect us. At one time, we were told we would have to have a personal letter from the Prime Minister to skirt this law. (That’s about as likely as it snowing in Cambodia.)


Please visit our “You can…” webpage to discover how you can help the work of CBI in Cambodia.

Love & blessings,

Dennis & Sharon


About Mission Cambodia

Dennis and Sharon minister in Phnom Penh to share the “Good News” of Jesus to the Cambodian people. Dennis trains in sowing, watering, disciple-making, church-planting, discipleship and leadership. Sharon directs the SNACK Program, an holistic outreach to poor, malnourished children and their families in the Cambodian countryside.
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