June 2012 News

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Cambodian children praying to Jehovah God for blessing them with the SNACK Program

June 2012 News

SNACK Program Update

The Holy Bible has many reminders that we, the children of God should consider all our blessings from our Father and be thankful.  Living and serving in Cambodia brings us so many blessings.  Near the top of this list of blessings is the SNACK Program.  SNACK, which is an acronym for Supplemental Nutrition Aiding Cambodian Kids, represents a huge part of Sharon’s ministry in Cambodia.  It is an evangelistic benevolence program benefiting poor, malnourished children in the Cambodian countryside.  Every weekday the SNACK staff delivers training and nutrition to these children.  The training is the most important aspect of this work.  The staff teaches the children in health, hygiene, nutrition and Bible—all with the long-term purpose of improving the quality of their physical and spiritual lives.  The program has repeatedly demonstrated its evangelistic focus by making disciples and planting new churches or encouraging existing churches.

SNACK children receive gifts

Recently, the University church in Phnom Penh received some children’s gifts from an organization called Samaritan’s Purse.  The University church, the Cambodia Bible Institute and the SNACK Program all worked together to deliver these gifts to some of the children of the SNACK Program.  The kids were so delighted to receive this unexpected blessing from the Christians in Phnom Penh.  Furthermore, the parents of the children were equally impacted by this special event!  This is yet another example of Christians demonstrating the love of Jesus to their neighbors.  We send a special thank you to Samaritan’s Purse for their donation.  Please join us in praise to God All-Powerful and All-Loving for the blessing this activity was to the church and the children.

Happy parents too!

Sharon, SNACK staff, CBI students and Program villagers say thanks!

Dennis presenting the SNACK Program to the Keller church of Christ

Operating the SNACK Program is expensive.  The proposed monthly budget is $8000 to provide training and nutrition to about 1000 children as many as 20 times per month.  Because we are volunteers, every dollar offered goes directly to serve the children.  With donations falling below our target, we thought it prudent and good stewardship to spend late March through early May traveling in the U.S.A. sharing our story and the evangelistic component of our benevolence program in an effort to increase awareness and contributions to this worthwhile, fruit-bearing ministry.  Our journey took us through Texas, Arkansas, Washington and California, culminating with a presentation at the Pepperdine Bible Lectureship in May.  We told churches, missions committees, elderships, organizations and individual Christians and non-Christians about the SNACK Program in nearly 50 different settings.  We have already observed the Lord’s blessings from this work, yet we are still below our goals.  While we continue to praise God, our Father and the Father of all these little children, we ask you to join us in prayer for every aspect of this ministry—greater health, hygiene, nutrition, knowledge of God, obedience to the Lord, disciple-making, church planting and fund-raising.  To God be the glory!

Sharon and Dennis presenting the SNACK Program at the Pepperdine Bible Lectureships

Before departing Cambodia to begin this fund-raising campaign, a knowledgeable, experienced elder of the church observed that the church planting model that he had observed while visiting us was among the best he had seen in all his years of ministry and world missions.  He encouraged us to share our model with others so we added a “Church Planting” page to our blog that outlines how the SNACK Program and the Cambodia Bible Institute are working together to achieve Kingdom growth.  Please pray with us that the Lord of the harvest gives the increase.

CBI Countryside Evangelism Campaign in a SNACK Village – CBI students teaching the children about Jesus

Two CBI student volunteers display their gloves and their joy to serve the SNACK Program children

CBI students working with the SNACK staff to tell villagers about Jesus

CBI students working with the SNACK staff to tell villagers about JesusWhile the SNACK Program nourishes children in a few village that already have a church, our hope is to plant churches in the SNACK villages where no church exists.  Search our blog for a story about one such experience entitled “Giving Birth” which we hope to duplicate in other villages.  Toward that end, during a recent Cambodia Bible Institute Evangelism Campaign the CBI staff, grads and students traveled to a SNACK village for the first time to sow seeds and then pour on generous amounts of water.  We are patiently awaiting the Lord to increase the villagers’ faith through His Powerful Word.  Join us in prayer for the future of these precious souls.

Dennis and two CBI students telling SNACK villagers about Jesus

As mentioned in the May newsletter, the Sunset International Bible Institute team arrived just in time to join the CBI Evangelism Campaign.  They participated in strengthening the local church and evangelizing to the neighborhoods in two different locations.  We thank God that SIBI continues to train servant-evangelists to work in His Kingdom.

SIBI student, Dan Wilson and three CBI students tell the Good News to villagers

After that, the SIBI team joined Sharon in the countryside on several occasions to bless the children of the SNACK Program.  They had a wonderful experience sharing the love of Jesus with these precious little ones.  Dan & Ravy Wilson and Bobby Sisson continue to participate in as many works as possible here in Cambodia.  They have been involved with three city churches, three countryside churches, the TPR English and Bible study program administered by Doris Morrison, the Partners in Progress Ship of Life and telling the Good News to everyone they encounter.  Thank you Lord for their partnership in the Gospel!

SIBI student, Bobby Sisson serves a precious little child her nutritious SNACK

SIBI student, Ravy Wilson stoops to kid-level to serve the children of the SNACK Program
The SNACK Program children really enjoyed Dan, Ravy and Bobby blessing them

From the first day we arrived in Cambodia the Khmer language has been our biggest hurdle.  While we are not yet over the top, we have come a long way.  Dennis has been teaching at CBI and preaching in the countryside in Khmer for a while.  Now, Sharon has stepped-up to do the same by teaching the children in the countryside using “Flat Stanley.”  “Flat Stanley” is a story book character that a child in America sent to Cambodia to learn about the culture and people.  Then he traveled back to America to share what he had learned through a story of his travels which included pictures in traditional clothing.  Sharon stated “My teaching was not planned; however, it was exciting to teach the children and a great opportunity to use the language.  I can see I am making progress and look forward to teaching again.”  We praise God for our level of ability to communicate.  However, please continue to pray our language will improve so we can really reach the hearts of the Cambodian people.

The SNACK staff and the student volunteers enjoying a day in the forest at the national park

Children are amazing.  In one of the SNACK Program villages several of the teenage Christians voluntarily assist the SNACK staff to teach the little ones.  To encourage and reward their service, the SNACK staff decided to bless these teenagers with a trip to the big city of Phnom Penh and to the Kirirom National Park.  The nine volunteers “camped-out” in our house for two nights and had a wonderful time of food, fun and fellowship.  We offer praise to the Lord for our staff and volunteers who serve the children of Cambodia as they serve the Lord.

The SNACK Program student volunteers enjoying their first trip to the big city of Phnom Penh

Dennis answering a CBI student’s question while another student on his left tries to read the English Bible

In June news for the Cambodia Bible Institute, Dennis taught a course on Thessalonians; Dale Lundy taught Leadership; SIBI guests, Dan & Bobby taught OT History and Evidences; and Rich Dolan taught Scheme of Redemption and Christian Family.  Next up for Dennis are a Sermon Prep course, Peter and Ezekiel.  We are excited to announce that two more students graduated from their studies.  Borei (man) plans to study animal husbandry for a couple of months before returning to his hometown to become a pig farmer and plant a church.  Kolab (woman) plans to work for the SNACK Program as she is a gifted teacher of children.  Please join us in prayer for the fruit these two new graduates will surely bear for our Lord’s Kingdom.

CBI Dean, Rich Dolan, Borei Dimm, Kolab Pin and Dennis at CBI graduation ceremony

The most recent CBI graduate, Kolab loves teaching the children Bible stories

On two separate occasions, the SIBI team hosted parties for the SNACK Program staff and then the CBI students.  Of course we all ate more than we should, but we had lots of fun.  Thank you Lord for sending us Your servants Bobby, Dan and Ravy to bless Cambodia and Your church.

CBI Pizza Party sponsored by SIBI students Dan & Ravy Wilson and Bobby Sisson

SNACK staff and SIBI students Dan & Ravy Wilson and Bobby Sisson share a great buffet meal together

Finally, Sharon continues to escort visitors to the countryside to join the SNACK Program as it blesses these precious little souls.  Nearly every guest comes away from the experience changed.  We await your opportunity to join with us to bless these children too…and in the process reap a reward of blessing for yourself.  We’re saving you a seat!

Billie Campbell and Bobby Deason really enjoyed joining with the SNACK Program to bless the children

We are grateful for each of you and encouraged by your desire to get involved, physically, spiritually and financially.  We pray many will have the desire to come to Cambodia, to serve and experience the joy and excitement of helping the families and children first hand.  Thank you for your partnership in helping us share the love and grace of God with this lost nation!

Will you join these children in prayer for God to bless the SNACK Program and these precious little souls?

Love & Blessings,

Dennis & Sharon

Dennis and some of the boys in one of the SNACK villages

Gotta love these kids!  Note the “home-made” ladder going up the tree to harvest palm juice


About Mission Cambodia

Dennis and Sharon minister in Phnom Penh to share the “Good News” of Jesus to the Cambodian people. Dennis trains in sowing, watering, disciple-making, church-planting, discipleship and leadership. Sharon directs the SNACK Program, an holistic outreach to poor, malnourished children and their families in the Cambodian countryside.
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