An Amazing Sunday!

An Amazing Sunday!

Brother Veasna teaching the Good News about Jesus at Lvea village

On Saturday, February 11, 2012 I received a phone call from my co-worker, Veasna asking me if I wanted to join him to go to the countryside on Sunday.  We hadn’t planned on going this particular Sunday having gone the week before (see post “she did it again” below).  However, when Veasna told me that CBI student Sokorn spent Saturday preaching and teaching at Lvea village and that seven or eight disciples wanted to become Christians, we readily agreed to go.

CBI student Sokorn teaching disciples at Lvea village in the home of new CBI student Sophal

Lvea is the village we had been to the previous weekend to teach and preach.  CBI had also been there teaching a couple of other times during our recent Evangelism Week campaigns.  Furthermore, it seems that someone else had been casting seed there even before CBI got word that they wanted to learn more about God and His Word.  Veasna became aware of the interest there because the Partners In Progress, Back-To-School facilitator had told him there were disciples of Jesus in that village who wanted someone to come teach them God’s Word.

Bob & Sandy Jackson and Dennis listen to Sokorn preach the Good News

So, Sunday morning we loaded the van with the new CBI student LaiHeang, CBI student SreyMom, CBI cook Samnang, Veasna, Bob & Sandy Jackson from Lubbock, TX (they are currently staying with us while Bob teaches the Characteristics of Jesus Course at CBI and Sandy teaches WEI at the BEST Center), Sharon & me (Dennis) and off to the village we traveled, about one and one-half hours northwest of Phnom Penh.

Several disciples listen while Sokorn, then Veasna teach them about salvation

When we arrived, Sokorn was already teaching them about becoming Christians and about water baptism for the forgiveness of sin.  Adding to that, Veasna taught for awhile about the cost of discipleship.  After answering a few of their questions to their satisfaction a poll was taken as to who wanted to be baptized.  Having just heard the cost of discipleship we were amazed that at least a dozen or so adults indicated they were ready to give their lives to Christ.  We all praised God’s glorious grace.

Newest CBI student Sophal and his wife - the disciples meet in their home in Lvea

Now to find water—we traveled about fifteen minutes away to a favorite swimming and bathing pond of which Sokorn knew.  Sokorn entered the water and disciple after disciple joined him to be baptized.  In all, eighteen souls entered the Kingdom of Heaven on Sunday, including CBI student LaiHeang and entire families from this village reminding us of Cornelius’ and the Philippian jailor’s households.  We are still in awe of how God’s Word demonstrated its power to save in such a big way.

The disciples at the pond in which they were baptized into Christ

The 17 new Christians from Lvea village and 5 brethren from CBI, including 1 new Christian

After we left the pond, the entire group traveled to the foot of a nearby mountain where there are places for rent to relax and picnic.  Full of the Spirit we all shared a joyous meal together, sang songs, prayed and then partook of the Lord’s Supper as a church.  What an amazing Sunday!

The Lvea church of Christ meets together at the foot of Oudong Mountain

So, on Sunday, February 12, 2012 a new church of Christ was born in Lvea village, Cambodia.  We are still praising God that He once again revealed to us such abundant fruit of our works for Him.  Thank you, Jesus, for salvation through Your precious blood.  Please say a prayer of thanksgiving for this new church, each of the seventeen members, for the workers from CBI, and for the Back-To-School facilitator who first informed us about these precious souls seeking salvation.

Happy day for Veasna (left), Sokorn (right) and for LaiHeang, new CBI student and new Christian on this day. Pictured is one of CBI motorbikes used for "Sunday Missions"

This new church plant is another example of the working church-planting model outlined here

Thanks for remembering us in your prayers.


About Mission Cambodia

Dennis and Sharon minister in Phnom Penh to share the “Good News” of Jesus to the Cambodian people. Dennis trains in sowing, watering, disciple-making, church-planting, discipleship and leadership. Sharon directs the SNACK Program, an holistic outreach to poor, malnourished children and their families in the Cambodian countryside.
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  2. WOW! Awesome pictures, awesome work you are doing! You both are truly a vessel for God’s spirit! PTL

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