Dennis has been teaching Thessalonians at the Cambodia Bible Institute.  We began the class with 4 new students (pictured below).  One day, two of our gals were late for class.  Dennis asked Tawn, Dean of Students and Translator if the school had a written policy for tardiness.  Tawn replied that we didn’t.  So Dennis said, “good then we can discipline them as we see fit and change it the next time if we want.”  Tawn laughed and suggested we make them sing in front of their classmates.  When they finally did arrive, we insisted the gals stand up front and sing one verse of a Khmer favorite hymn.  They were very embarrassed and reluctant.  Below is a picture of Sokna and Pisey singing for our class.

Below is new student, Chhaeut.  He comes to us from Krang Dong village where our graduate, Sothea and other CBI students planted a church and baptized Chhaeut.

Here is Chhouern.  He is the younger brother of Bora, a graduate of the former Bible school here and current employee of the Nutritional Feeding Program.  Chhouern and Bora are from the countryside in Battambang Province, NW of Phnom Penh.

Sokhorn comes to us from Tumnob Thom (TNT) village and has been a Christian for several years.  TNT is the village where CBI graduate, Sophea lives and works with the church.

Linna is the wife of Veasna, evangelist (and CBI graduate) with the University church of Christ here in Phnom Penh.  She is a also a mother.  With no babysitter to watch Timothy, she brought him with her to class for our mid-term exam yesterday.

Finally, here is a group picture of Dennis, Tawn and all the students of the Cambodia Bible Institute being taught Thessalonians.  Please pray they each will receive the heart of this beautiful letter to a young church.

In other CBI news, Rich Dolan, Dean of CBI reports the following (an excerpt of an encouraging email sent to the Sunset International Bible Institute),

“Hi from Cambodia. Hope you’re doing well. I’m busy trying to teach Jeremiah in the Khmer language. That is keeping me busy and keeping my brain taxed to the max.

Quick update on the translation process:

1. We’ve raised over $17,000 of the $20,000 needed to do both projects.  God has blessed this. Thank you for Sunset’s contribution to this project.

2. Met with the publisher the other day on the translation of the books. Things are proceeding well. The Paid in Full book and study guide have both been through the first translation and are now being edited and checked.  After that, Tawn will review them for us. We are due to have them printed and in our hands by December 15th…

3. We were due to start the Life of Christ book in January 2011. But, because their translators were in a lull, they were able to start on it. They have completed the first translation of the book already. They are now working on the study guide…

The Historical Evidences book has been well received already.  The publisher is excited about getting these other books out into the general population. I’m excited about that also. And, I’m excited to have these books for our students to use. What a blessing that will be.

Thanks for all your help with this.


CBI student, Penh is preaching the Word for morning chapel for practical application of all he is learning at CBI.

About Mission Cambodia

Dennis and Sharon minister in Phnom Penh to share the “Good News” of Jesus to the Cambodian people. Dennis trains in sowing, watering, disciple-making, church-planting, discipleship and leadership. Sharon directs the SNACK Program, an holistic outreach to poor, malnourished children and their families in the Cambodian countryside.
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3 Responses to CBI NEWS

  1. Granny says:

    You two are such blessings to all Christians, as well as to God. Thanks for your zeal and enthusiasm in spreading the Gospel. We love and pray for you and the Lord’s Work.

  2. This is the first christian organization I have ever been opportune to see online and hear about in Cambodia. I heard about you through my dearest sister Chhunny she told me about the school and about her Aunt Chanroat Chea who is student-teacher in your school and she went on to tell me about the great marvelous work you have been doing in the name of Christ. I am happy to be a part of the Christ teachings and his great love.
    Sylva. E

    • Hello Sylva,

      Thank you for your sweet words of blessing. There are two Bible schools in Phnom Penh using the name Cambodia Bible Institute. I think you may be referring to the other school as I don’t know these ladies of whom you speak. Please check out more about our mission to the people of Cambodia here and here.

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