For The Glory of GOD!

Greetings from Phnom Penh, Cambodia,      Vol. 5, #9, September (ខែកញ្ញា) 2010

In this report:

  • Keller Mission Sunday
  • Keller Mission Works
  • Recent Activities in Cambodia
  • G.R.A.C.E. for Cambodia
  • Cambodia Bible Institute

On Sunday, October 3rd, the Keller Church of Christ will celebrate its fourth Mission Sunday.  Mission Sunday is an effort to raise awareness and funds for supporting the diverse works of Keller around the world.  Although the congregation has many additional evangelistic efforts supported through the general budget, they have some specific ministries that only receive funding through the Mission Sunday collection.  Please join us in prayer for a fruitful financial blessing from anyone whose heart is burdened to assist Keller in “ringing out” the message of salvation in Christ Jesus.

Keller has a diverse range of mission works, yet most have the primary goal of training men and women in their own economy, culture and language to be disciple makers and church planters.  Keller does this by support of Dennis Welch, an instructor at the Cambodia Bible Institute (CBI) (; Tom Goracke, an instructor at Sunset International Bible Institute Singapore (; and Focus Northeast, an in-country mission work of the Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, TX for preacher training (  In addition, Keller helps to support Benedict Little, a South African missionary in Cape Town, South Africa.  Brother Benedict strives to mentor and train disciple makers and assists with preacher training also.  Please pray that many will come to Christ through the efforts of these disciple makers.

Beyond these efforts, Keller financially supports the work of Eastern European Missions ( in their efforts to spread the gospel throughout Eastern Europe.  Every year, Keller sends support to a Leadership Retreat in Oregon.  Mission Printing ( is another work Keller supports both financially and with volunteer manpower from the members.  As you can tell, Keller is working to spread the gospel on at least four continents and through the efforts of Mission Printing, to the whole world as well.  We hope you will take the time to peek at these websites to see just what all of us at Keller are doing to serve our Lord as co-workers for Kingdom growth.  Please join us in prayer for all of Keller’s efforts to spread the gospel.

Recently, Dennis went with the CBI students and Tawn (our translator and Dean of Students) to Rieng Daek Village from which two of our students have come and where they have started a congregation of the Lord’s church.  Our goal was to teach this young church and any visitors the Word of God.  While the students had been teaching, the Spirit compelled Dennis to arise and begin teaching the people also—and for the first time, in Khmer language.  Dennis did need some help from a couple of the students with a few words, but Tawn was busy teaching another small group so he received no assistance from him.  This was a turning point in his work here.  Please pray for this young church and thank the Lord for Dennis’ language progress!

Monday, Dennis began teaching 1 & 2 Thessalonians at CBI in the afternoons while continuing to study Khmer four hours each weekday morning.  Throughout the week he taught as much as possible in Khmer with lots of help from Tawn.  He still has many more words to learn before he can do this without assistance, but this is one step closer to our primary mission here in Cambodia.  Please pray that we can effectively communicate God’s Word in the Khmer language.

Lately, we have made several blog posts about the countryside works to help assist Central coC with their fundraising efforts for G.R.A.C.E. for Cambodia and to share the joy we experience from these village efforts.  We are “one” as the Lord has stated in Genesis 2:24 and Matthew 19:5.  So, while these blog posts may lead one to believe we are doing these works together, Dennis has only had the opportunity to join with them one time when they needed extra help.  For credibility in the Cambodian context, a male needs to be at the head of the work in title.  However, this is primarily a ministry of Sharon and she has all the right gifts to facilitate it effectively.  Dennis’ primary focus remains to be teaching local men and women to be disciple makers and church planters.  Our goal is to integrate the two efforts whereby there are village churches, planted by Cambodians, in every one of the villages where Sharon’s ministry efforts are working.  Please pray that Sharon’s labor of love will result in Kingdom growth and also pray for Central’s fundraising efforts to support this good work.

Sharon has been to the countryside about a dozen times since our furlough and although this forces her to miss our formal language training with our tutor, there are two significant benefits.  Each time she goes to a village, she makes it a priority to dialogue with as many of the mothers and children as possible to practice the language she knows, but in the countryside slang used by villagers.  It is a huge encouragement to her ongoing efforts to be an effective communicator at the heart-level.  The second benefit is that Dennis receives solo instruction from our tutor while she is away.  This has benefited him greatly also as the above reports confirm.  Please pray for our efforts to communicate the love of Christ to the hearts of Cambodians in their language.

Finally, we want to share with you some of the specific details of our work with the Cambodia Bible Institute.  Over the last two years we have witnessed the continuing maturity of the students at CBI and the young churches they have planted.  Please join us in prayers of praise and thanksgiving for all the Lord is doing at CBI.


2009-2010 Overview

Below is a detailed outline of the many-faceted works of the Cambodia Bible Institute (CBI), Phnom Penh, Cambodia prepared by Rich Dolan, CBI Dean.  The primary mission of CBI is to train men and women to make disciples, initiate new churches, and build faith in existing churches through preaching and teaching the complete Word of God.


  • December 18, 2009 – Chheav Chan
  • June 12, 2010 – Try Tray Kim


  • August 2009, added 7 new students (Sopheap, Sokun, Sereywadt, Dalen, Phala, Wanait, Pen Sorn) – 6 guys and 1 girl
  • Sept – Chamno started CBI but left due to continuing illness
  • Fall – All of the new students were baptized into Christ.
  • Nov-Dec – Channy Ouk (local minister) started taking classes part-time at CBI
  • Dec – Chheav graduated.  Works with the new church he/CBI started near the airport
  • January, 2010 – Borey added as a new student.  Phala & Neoun dropped out. Sophy and Vannak started school part-time at CBI. Both are married men who work at an English school Doris Morrison runs.  They rotate coming to morning or afternoon classes.
  • February – Nika, a female student, dropped out of CBI. She is pregnant and already has a 6 year old daughter to care for.  Her husband is Chanty, a 2009 graduate.
  • March – Borey baptized into Christ.  CBI took students to Siem Reap Lectureships.
  • April – CBI took Tawn and his wife to church camp in Thailand.
  • July – Dalen and Sereywadt did not come back to CBI after the break.


  • Odem – Chheav’s work near the airport.  3 more baptized, August 2010. Other students assist preaching and teaching.
  • Toul Krang – Try’s Village – his mom and sister. Others are coming. Other students teach there often.


  • Takeo – they asked us to stop coming because we would not give them material things
  • Reang Dak, Vudt’s village – church still going strong.  Have about 30 attend. We send students out to teach each Sunday and visit almost every Evangelism Week.
  • Krang Dong –Sothea works with this congregation.  Small and weak church
  • Krang Trop – this was a denominational group who asked CBI to come out and teach them.  They seem to be doing well. The son of the church leader is now a student at CBI. CBI sends students out to teach fairly often.
  • CHURCH PLANT SUMMARY – Six new churches planted by CBI students in the last two years.  Five continue to be faithful and growing.


  • September, October, 2009, January, March, May & July, 2010.  CBI has more scheduled for September, October & possibly November, 2010. CBI was invited and went to some new places:  The area at Doris’ English/Bible school, Vannak’s village & other places.


  • Every Sunday several CBI students traveled to church plants to preach and teach.
  • Additionally, some students conducted private Bible studies with Cambodian seekers.


  • Chheav is working with the church plant at Odem (near the Phnom Penh airport).
  • Try is working with the University church of Christ in Phnom Penh.


  • December, 2010  – Sovan, Soklee and Pisey (CBI’s first female graduate)
  • Spring, 2011 – Sereyvuth
  • Summer, 2011 – possibly Penh and Sokna


  • Working off the ship to evangelize did not work as well as CBI had hoped.


  • Began assisting Program employees with creating a Bible teaching curriculum for use in teaching children in Program villages.  Most of these villages have churches where CBI students, graduates and instructors have taught.


  • CBI began facilitating translation of SIBI course materials into Khmer language.
  • CBI used translated Historical Christian Evidences study guide in class in August, 2009
  • Started the Khmer translation of Paid in Full (Romans) – 2,000 books and 1,000 study guides.  These are due to be finished by December 2010.
  • Will start the translation process for Life of Christ (same amount of books & study guides.) in January 2010.  CBI already has ½ of the $10,000 cost.


  • August–December, 2009 – Dale Lundy (from St. Louis) – 2 classes, Greg Fleming (from Midland, TX) – 2 classes.
  • January-June, 2010 – Bob Jackson (from SIBI), Loren Hollingsworth (Long-time missionary to Thailand), Dale Lundy and Ron Downey (from SIBI).


  • August–December, 2009 – Dennis Welch taught 2 classes; Tawn Lork taught 2 classes; Rich Dolan taught 1 class.
  • January-June, 2010 – Rich taught his first classes in Khmer language (Gospel of John and Hebrews). He taught short courses* on the Resurrection and on Sermon Preparation.  Tawn taught 2 regular classes. Dennis taught one class.
  • *A short class is all day for a week or two.  A regular class is 2-3 hours per day for about 4 weeks.


  • Khim (Dec 08) – serves at University coC; teaches in villages with Nutritional Feeding Program
  • Sothea (Dec 08) – works full-time with church at Krang Dong
  • Chanty (Jun 09) – teaches in villages with Nutritional Feeding Program
  • Sophea (Jun 09) – works full-time with the church at Tumnob Thom
  • Veasna (Jun 09) – works part-time with University coC – personal studies, member visitation and follow-up


  • Rich Dolan was gone from mid-May to mid-June, 2010 – met kids in Europe for one last family vacation.
  • Dennis Welch was scheduled to teach a CBI class, May, 2009 – instead, he went to the U.S. because of his mother’s illness and subsequent death.
  • The World English Institute English/Bible program at Partners in Progress stopped.  Ronda Dolan’s sister, Julie Broyles, decided to continue this ministry on her own. Her work is now called the BEST (Bible English Study and Training).  CBI students have studied with, taught and baptized Program students/graduates.
  • Many CBI students and staff worship and serve regularly with the Phnom Penh church of Christ.
  • The University church of Christ that met at the Partners in Progress’ house now meets at the BEST Center.  Some CBI students and staff worship and serve regularly with the University church of Christ.

CBI is confident that God is glorified, the Kingdom grows, knowledge of God’s will is revealed, faith is built, and the staff, graduates and students of CBI continue to grow and mature as a result of the many-faceted works of the Cambodia Bible Institute.  Please join CBI in a prayer of thanksgiving to our God and Savior.

Thanks for taking the time to read our monthly newsletters.  We hope they inspire you to greater love and good deeds.  Please prayerful consider how you can financially assist Keller on Mission Sunday to take the whole Gospel to the whole world.

Eternal love & blessings,
Dennis & Sharon
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

About Mission Cambodia

Dennis and Sharon minister in Phnom Penh to share the “Good News” of Jesus to the Cambodian people. Dennis trains in sowing, watering, disciple-making, church-planting, discipleship and leadership. Sharon directs the SNACK Program, an holistic outreach to poor, malnourished children and their families in the Cambodian countryside.
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  1. Doris Lohry says:

    Dear Dennis and Sharon, Had missed seeing your web-site before, it is great!! Thank you for being there in PP, Cambodia!! Looks and sounds like you are doing a great job with Rich and Rhonda and Julie and the teachers that come there! Thank you so much!! Doris Lohry
    PS Don’t know if you remember me or not–Taught WEI at PIP house until 2008, then came to US to live with Emily after her stroke. In Iowa now.

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