Fruit of Good Works

Children color Noah's Ark at TNT village church orphanage

Children color Noah's Ark at TNT village church orphanage

Tradiation Khmae food served at a wedding

Tradiation Khmae food served at a wedding

Morning chapel time at the Cambodia Bible Institute

Morning chapel time at the Cambodia Bible Institute

Weekly Greetings with Love!


We pray the Lord has blessed you with a delightful first day of the week and the prospect for many new opportunities as this week unfolds.  It is now Monday evening and we have been blessed with a great day.


Well we are now up to 25 consonants with only 8 more to go!  Okay, actually we have another 23 vowels and 32 sub-consonants to complete the alphabet.  The good news is we are getting closer 1 letter at a time.  Much of our Khmae lessons this past week were spent practicing conversation.  We welcome the opportunity to converse with our tutor.  Although we are eager to learn the alphabet and be able to read and write, the ability to converse helps us now in our day-to-day activities.  We praise God as we see our vocabulary growing.  Yet, there is still so much to learn!  Please pray that we can remember what we study and also that we might understand quickly the concepts we are taught.


Each week we start our morning with chapel at CBI.  This is similar to what we did the 2 years we went to Sunset International Bible Institute.  The big difference is we are in a different country and the lessons are taught in Khmae.  The last few Monday mornings as we close chapel at CBI the dean of the school has the students give a recap of their Sunday “ministry missions.”  It is great to hear these men and women tell of the “what and why” of the lessons they teach each week.  This week two mentioned specific lessons tied to the upcoming Khmae New Year.  One taught about not worshipping angels and spirits because this is a big element of the festival.  The other taught about grace because Buddhism advocates works salvation and the pressure to do good deeds during the holiday goes up.  We are thrilled to see their zeal as they continue their studies and serve in the community.  We also heard of 3 more baptisms at the new church plant at Krang Trob (KT).


Our Sunday included worship with TTT and KSP.  At KSP, a couple of days ago, a woman 4 months pregnant took a bad fall causing an instant miscarriage.  She is recovering well now after her visit with the doctor, receiving the necessary care and meds.  We were able to help a bit and pray for her as have several others.  This family is among the poorest we know, but the Christians are pulling together to help!  Once again we see evidence of the individual Christians and their churches growing and maturing.  When we returned to the city, we assembled with the American, Khmae and one Romanian saints at UCC.  It is such a blessing to see so many young Khmae seekers and Christians meeting together at PIP.


This past week included meeting with an American Cambodian who is striving to make disciples and plant churches on the far west side of the city.  We had a wonderful traditional Khmae style meal together and time to share ideas.  The Missionary Care Group joined for another special time of fellowship.  We continue to have opportunities to meet with and build relationships with the Khmae people.  Sharon spent time Saturday with a young lady she met while we were on our R&R trip and looks forward to sharing more time with her!  Dennis had the opportunity to preach a good lesson on the need for telling about Jesus because many are dying in their sins.  A couple of students were struggling with the God of grace who says we will die if we are not in Christ.  We think they got HIS message!   As you can see we always have plenty to do whether we are in the city or the countryside.


We had a couple of questions this week!  Jessica is curious what the exchange rate is here in Cambodia.  The exchange rate is 4000 reels to the dollar.  Cyndia has an inquiring mind and wants to know what a typical meal is here and if we are able to have Americanized food.  Typical Khmae style meals consist of rice, a small amount of meat and some vegetables!  However, as the county has had more and more foreigner it is relatively easy to get Americanized food.  Thank you for your interest in our lives and the county of Cambodia.  Keep the questions comings!

We appreciate you more than words can express.  More to come next week!


Eternal Love & Blessings,

Dennis & Sharon/Pawpaw & Nana



About Mission Cambodia

Dennis and Sharon minister in Phnom Penh to share the “Good News” of Jesus to the Cambodian people. Dennis trains in sowing, watering, disciple-making, church-planting, discipleship and leadership. Sharon directs the SNACK Program, an holistic outreach to poor, malnourished children and their families in the Cambodian countryside.
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2 Responses to Fruit of Good Works

  1. Sandy & Cindy Detherage says:

    What beautiful and moving stories and insights of your life of sevice in Cambodia! May God continue to give you great spiritual guidance and support as His words come alive through you. May God shower you with His blessings.Sandy&Cindy

  2. Stqnnie Kimble says:

    Dennis & Sharon,
    It always gives me joy and excitement to hear your stories and see how the Lord works in your lives. We watch your video last night at KCOC,it was uplifting to see all the teaching & work that is being done for the Cambodia people. May God continue giving you his blessing, miss you!

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