10 New Creations at PTC village church

10 New Creations at PTC village church

Traditional Khmae Wedding and guests.

Traditional Khmae Wedding and guests.

Children of the TNT village church orphanage

Children of the TNT village church orphanage

Greetings from Phnom Penh ,


Is the today’s date really Monday, March 10th, 2009?  Oops, let’s try that again in Khmae “Thngai Chan (day Monday), tii daup (10th), khae mii-nea (month March), chnam pii poәn pram buen (year 2009).”  Can you tell what we have been studying? 


Don’t close your eyes or the month may be gone.  We continue to be amazed how fast time flies by.  We pray all is well with each of you.  Have we told you this week we miss ya?  WE DO…


Our week was spent with Dennis teaching at CBI and both of us continuing with our language lessons.  Dennis has now completed teaching the Book of Acts and gave the final exam today!  He loved teaching the students the record of the first Christians, the first missionaries and the first churches. It never fails as one prepares a lesson and teaches it, the teacher always learns so much more.  This is truly one of the blessings of teaching!  Language class was mostly review as tomorrow we are to begin learning the alphabet so we can read and write, not just converse.  Thank you for allowing us to practice some of our language training with you, it will be fun when we can show you some of the Sanskrit writing it’s beautiful!


By now we hope you have received our long-overdue newsletter.  It seemed to be packed with information.  Guess that’s what happens when we miss a month.  Our goal is to keep you more informed from week to week and we hope these weekly reports will help in doing that.


We are so encouraged when we receive emails, cards and packages from each of you.  With the miles between us our spirits continue to be lifted as we hear from each of you.  Please keep the contact coming, it is greatly appreciated!  Another way we stay enriched and encouraged is our weekly meetings with the other missionaries.  During the week we met with our accountability partners, attended the Phnom Penh church and had 14 of us gather for small group missionary care. 


We had a special time on Saturday as we took some visiting missionaries out to the TNT orphanage we work with.  The children really enjoyed some hamburgers, cokes, chips, cookies and playtime.  We are pretty sure the old folks did too!


Yesterday we spent a wonderful day in the countryside worshiping in 3 places with 3 churches.  The Lord allowed us to see Him at work in many special ways as 1st a man came to one of the assemblies and ask if we could send someone to teach several people at his village every week; 2nd at PTT church, we witnessed 4 put their faith in Christ to save them; and 3rd we witnessed 10 more baptisms at PTC church.  We feel so blessed God allowed us to join Him and all the hosts of heaven in rejoicing for family growth!!  Fourteen new brothers and sisters who put their trust in Jesus to wash away their sins – Praise almighty God!!!  What a blessing this day in the countryside was.  We humbly ask you to give thanks to God for His kingdom growth and pray for these new Christians and their maturity and spiritual growth. 


Once we returned to the city we rushed home, cleaned up and went to our 2nd Khmae wedding.  We had the opportunity to attend the wedding with friends we met while attending KSL Language School .  Sharon ’s teacher (Pov) had invited us; it was her brother whom was getting married.  Traditional Khmae weddings are quite a memorable occasion.  The wedding lasted about 6/7 hours (we only stayed 3 hours).  The wedding had many events, a lot of yummy food, and a big party!  We enjoyed ourselves and were able to learn more about the Cambodians traditions and culture.


We hope you are enjoying the updates.  If you have any specific questions or things you would like to know about regarding Cambodia or our work, please feel free to email us and let us know.  Don’t make them to difficultJ!


Our love and prayers are with you always.  May God bless you with His peace, joy and love.


Eternal Love & Blessings,

Dennis & Sharon/Pawpaw & Nana



·         CBI – Cambodia Bible Institute

·         PPC – Phnom Penh Church of Christ

·         UCC – University Church of Christ (also known as PiPcoC)

·         PIP – Partners in Progress

·         WEI – World English Institute

·         TNT – Tum Nob Thom (village and church)

·         PTT – Preah Tuk Tung

·         PTC – Preah Tuk Chey

·         TTT – Tuk Tung Thngay

·         KSP – Kror Sang Peam


About Mission Cambodia

Dennis and Sharon minister in Phnom Penh to share the “Good News” of Jesus to the Cambodian people. Dennis trains in sowing, watering, disciple-making, church-planting, discipleship and leadership. Sharon directs the SNACK Program, an holistic outreach to poor, malnourished children and their families in the Cambodian countryside.
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